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The Company prides itself on providing good technical and commercial advice on UK PAYE/NIC matters.  The primary aim of the Company is to help clients to ensure they continue to remain compliant within the ever changing world of PAYE/NIC.


The Company was founded by Minesh Trivedi, who has over 22 years experience in UK employment tax matters, having worked for HMRC's Large Business Office as a PAYE Auditor before working for Tax Advisers, KPMG and Deloitte.  During this time, Minesh has worked with a number of businesses ranging from multi-national companies to companies with less than 50 employees.


Why PAYE Matters?


In our experience, most companies/organisations tend to prioritise Corporation Tax and Indirect Tax over Employment Tax.  Whilst all taxes are important, we feel that Employment Tax should be taken just as seriously, especially given the focus, and potential penalties, it attracts from HMRC.


PAYE is not just about how you operate your payroll, it goes much beyond that.  In fact, in our experience, HMRC's settlements usually relate to items that have not been included on the payroll or benefits in kind not being reported to HMRC on a form P11D or a PAYE Settlement Agreement (which as you will know is a way that a company can settle the tax liability on certain benefits in kind with HMRC on a voluntary basis).  


Some of the common pitfall areas for employers tend to be employees incorrectly claiming private journeys as business mileage, incorrectly categorising individuals as employed or self employed when engaging their services, failing to report benefits in kind to HMRC on a timely basis, incorrect tax treatment of termination payments, etc.


However, it's not all about making sure you are compliant, PAYE Matters can also help you to reduce your employment tax cost, which tends to be a significant cost in most balance sheets!  





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